Fishing & Hunting

The Game and fresh Water Commission has a new licensing system. A universal license is available that features a single card listing all the privileges (freshwater fishing, hunting, sportsman) purchased by the buyer. Licenses can be ordered over the phone using a credit card and calling toll free 1-888-347-4356 for fishing or 1888-486-8356 for hunting.

Residents 65 years or older need not obtain a free senior citizen license provided they carry proof of age and residence while fishing. New residents must document that they lived in Florida for six months

Occupational Licenses

All business and professional offices need occupational licenses to operate in the county. Licenses are issued annually at the county tax collectors offices. Cities also require occupational licenses.

Vehicle Registration & Driver License

Within 10 working days of establishing permanent Florida residency newcomers must register their vehicles You will have 10 days to get your Florida drivers license. You will need a current drivers license, current registration, and Social Security card.

Driver License Offices
Driver licenses, driving tests and ID Cards
Cape Coral 360 Santa Barbara Boulevard 33991-2093 (239) 574-1788  
Fort Myers 11281 S. Cleveland Ave 33907-2381 (239) 278-7194  


Motor Vehicle Services (County Tax Collector)
Registration, tag and title services for cars, trucks, trailers & vessels
Specialty tags, refunds, and disability parking permits

Cape Coral

Limited Driver License Service Available

1039 SE 9th Place, Room 102 33990 (239) 533-6000  
Ft. Myers 13860 N. Cleveland Ave., Unit 7 33903 (239) 533-6000  
Ft. Myers 2480 Thompson Street, Room 241 33901 (239) 533-6000  

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Hurricane season officially begins on June 1, peaks August through October and ends on November 1. Hurricanes produce damaging winds, elevated sea levels (storm surges) , Flooding rains and tornadoes. Hurricane Camille in 1969 dropped 27 inches of rain in fewer than six hours. The national hurricane center in Coral Gables can predict within 12 hours when a hurricane will make landfall. Residents must prepare for the consequences of living in paradise, so when a hurricane is approaching, pay close attention to official announcements from the National Hurricane Center.

Sun Smarts

A minimum of SPF 15 is recommenced for everyone. Those with fair skin need more protection. Consider the best UVA screen, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which blocks both UVA & UVB rays. Most sunblock directions recommend applying sunscreen 20 minutes before going out into the sun. Hair that has been permed or colored should also be covered to protect it from drying out or changing color.Protect your eyes with UV blocking sunglasses.

You may want a Sun Shield for your car to keep the temperature down in a parked car. To protect vinyl and leather from fading or cracking pick up a car cleaning product that contains SPF.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

Hurricane checklist:


extra clothing

Extra battery's


Utility Knife or Camping Knife

Heavy rope


Eating Utensils

Mosquito repellent

Heavy Duty garbage bags

Personal hygiene products

Disposable towelettes

First aid kit

canned foods

Manual can opener


Other useful Items:

Water Purification tablets

extra lumber

Propane gas grill
Charcoal & Lighter fluid

Portable alarm clock

Pillows & Blankets

Sleeping bags