Voter Registration

Contact :Office of Supervisor of Elections

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Florida has a closed primary system. To vote in the primary elections, voters must register as either a Democrat or Republican. Independent voters can vote only for nonpartisan candidates, such as judges, and on referendum questions during primaries.

Register if you are a citizen and are, or will be, 18 years old by Election Day. You must be a Florida resident, and although proof of residency is not required, you must provide some sort of identification. Register to vote at the following locations: elections office; Social Security agencies, including Veterans Affairs; public libraries and city hall, drivers license office. Call your county's government complex for other locations that have applications.


Lee County: (239) 339-6000

All motor vessels operated on Florida waters must be registered within 30 days of purchase. A nonresident vessel already numbered in accordance with the approved numbering system of another state can operate in Florida for 90 days before Florida numbers are required.

Certificates of number or registration are obtained at state tax collectors offices. A new fee system was implemented on June 1, 1999 that bases registration fees on the birth month of the owner. These fees are prorated for each month. There is also a $2.25 service fee for each registration or reregistration and an initial titling fee of $5.25.

More rules and regulations, such as safety advice, can be obtained from a number of local sources such as the US Power Squadron's or by calling the Division of Law Enforcement at (850) 488-5600


Florida Department of Revenue in Tallahassee:

(850) 488-6800

Taxpayers Assistance Office in Florida:

(800) 352-3671




Florida allows a $25,000 property tax exemption on your home or condominium, thereby reducing your tax bill. If your home is appraised by the county at $100,000, the exemption reduces that by $25,000, and you will be taxed at only $75,000. The exemption applies to residences in all price ranges.

You must be a permanent Florida resident as of January 1. You must also purchase your home before December 15 and make it your permanent residence before January 1. IT must not be rented out and may not be claimed under any other exemptions.

When filing for the first time , take a copy of your deed, legal description of the property, Florida automobile registration, permanent driver's license, Social Security number and voter registration card to the count appraiser's office.

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